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I am the published author of four (soon to be five) books of my own and have ghostwritten another four. I have produced three films, won two film awards and recently won a playwriting contest.

What is your dream book? I am here to help make your writing and publishing dreams come true!

Whether you need coaching, a bit of support, editing or ghostwriting, I can help.

I specialize in the following genres: biography, memoir, a wide variety of nonfiction topics, mystery, thriller, sci-fi, fantasy, how-to, and much more!

My ghostwriting projects have included: an extensive how-to book about fishing, an inside look at artificial intelligence, a couples fantasy about the rich and famous, and a book about the military experience of Americans of a particular heritage.

FEES and Time Frame: my fee reflects a combination of my time and work, market rates and your ability to pay. We will discuss all of these and arrive at a number that works for us both. We can work at either a fixed rate fee, broken down into benchmarks, or an hourly rate. Let’s discuss! The fee and the length of time required may vary depending on research requirements and your schedule.

I can include the production and publishing of your book on Amazon.com as part of our fee.

I can be hired at either an hourly rate or via a mutually agreed-upon fixed rate that can be broken down into monthly benchmarks.

Books by David E. Feldman

Pilgrimage from Darkness, Nuremberg to Jerusalem


Oskar Eder grew up a Christian under the influence of Hitler in 1930s Germany. He was in the Hitler Youth and later, the Luftwaffe. Once he realized what he was a part of, he went on a spiritual search, and became an observant Jew, living in Israel, married to a Holocaust survivor. Amazon Link.

Bad Blood – A Long Island Mystery

A faceless, rage-filled killer is infecting patients at a major New York hospital with HIV, and Bennett James, newly promoted art director still struggling with recently lost love, is charged with promoting a facility he knows to be negligent, at the very least.As he finds himself playing reluctant detective, more and more suspects turn up, each with his or her own unique motive and opportunity. Amusing characters and predicaments contrast with horrific circumstances as Ben scours Long Island in search of the killer, professional success and romance. Amazon Link.

Born of War – Based on a True Story of American-Chinese Friendship

Born of War is . . . based on a true story of lifelong friendship between American GIs and their new Chinese friends who live in Kunming, near the 14th Army Air Corps base, aka The Flying Tigers.Born of War is . . . a love story: a Jewish-American boy from Brooklyn leaves the woman he loves to go off to war. Frances insists he lacks the social conscience to be the kind of man she would marry. Just when he has given up hope, Henry finds support in the last place he expects. Born of War is . . . a socio-political commentary. Amazon Link.

How To Be Happy In Your Marriage

A Roadmap to Finding Happiness in Marriage … and in Love. Amazon Link.

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